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Posted By: Roberto
03-Apr-04 - 11:30 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Gypsies (Cathal McConnell, Child #200)
Subject: Lyr Add: GYPSIES (Cathal McConnell) (Child #200)
Please, help with this transcription. THE GYPSIES (Child #200). Cathal McConnell (on Long Expectant Comes At Last, Compass Records, 2000). I can't get most of the fifht stanza, and I'm not sure that the rest is all Ok. Cathal McConnell writes he got this version from Len Graham. Thank you. R

There were three gypsies lived in the east
And they were braw and bonnie-O
They sang so sweet at the castle gate
That they charmed the heart of the lady-O

She gave to them the sparkling wine
She gave to them the brandy-O
And the gay gold ring that this lady wore
She gave to the dark-eyed gypsy-O

When the lord of the castle he came home
He equired for his lady-O
She is gone, she is gone cried the young servant boy
She is away with the dark-eyed gypsy-O

Then go saddle to me my milk-white steed
The bay is not so speedy-O
And I'll ride for a day and a whole long night
Till I find my own-wedded lady-O

Then --- (??) he puts force unto his horse (?????)
And O he rode so speedy-O
Till he came upon his own-wedded love
And down with the dark-eyed gypsy-O

Will you forsake your houses and your lands?
Will you forsake your children three? -
I will leave them all for the one I love
And I'll follow my dark-eyed gypsy-O

Last night I lay on a fine feather bed
My own-wedded lord beside me-O
But tonight I will lie on the cold barn floor
In the arms of my dark-eyed gypsy-O