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Posted By: GUEST,Larry K
30-Mar-04 - 04:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: Whats worse than Bush in 2004
Subject: RE: BS: Whats worse than Bush in 2004
Lets start with the question of whether you are better off now or 4 years ago.   Four years ago terrorists had declared war on the USA, (had attacked the USA at least 6 times) and yet the American people knew nothing about them.   Today we are completely aware of what is out there.   Were we better off in ingorant bliss or are we better off knowing the dangers?

Whats worse than Bush in 04

Another terrorist attack on the USA or anywhere else in the world
Terrorists getting WMD's and using them
Iran, Syria, North Korea, China, Sudan,
Abandoning Iraq and having terrorists gain control
Libya not declaring their WMD's and remaining a threat
The Pakistan scientist not declaring all the nuclear weapons he sold
China overthrowing Taiwan
Russias new weapon program
The United Nations oil for food program which stole billions
The United Nations in general
The destruction of Israel and support of Yasser Arafat
George Soros
Michael Moore, Al Franken, Barbra Streisand, Susan Sarandon, and Ossama Bin Laden (we can argue about the order)
Terry McAuluffe
Pat Buchanon
Gary Condit
The energy policy of both democrats and republicans (or lack of)
Warm Beer
Reality TV