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Posted By: Wilfried Schaum
29-Mar-04 - 11:24 AM
Thread Name: German folk song, help with translation
Subject: German folk song, help with translation
Since the Eurogathering is coming near, I have tried to translate an old German folk song of the 16th century to celebrate this event.
And because I got a lot of help with this thread I feel free to ask for your help again.

The Blue Stork

   Down yonder on a meadow
A blue stork I did see.
I thought it were my true love
And called her: Stand with me!

   Oh God, I have to cut my grass,
How could I stand and linger?
So tell your people that you have
Cut off your little finger.

   Oh God, how could I ever lie,
It doesn't suit me well.
The huntsman is my good man
I'd rather like to tell.

   Oh mother, dearest mother,
Good counsel do me say;
There is a brisk young huntsman,
He follows me all day.

   Oh daughter, dearest daughter,
My counsel you shall hear:
Send off this brisk young huntsman
And stay with me this year.

   Oh mother, dearest mother,
Your counsel is not good.
The huntsman I hold dearer
Than all your chatt'l and good.

   Oh daughter, dearest daughter,
Your talk makes me so sad,
So run off to the huntsman,
About him you seem mad.

   Oh mother, dearest mother,
Your talk now pleases me.
I shall wait for the huntsman
Until he comes for me.

My question is directed immediately to Her Majesty's Own subjects:
Does it sound English?

Discuss, please