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Posted By: GUEST,Cuilionn
25-Mar-04 - 08:27 PM
Thread Name: What's your favorite female duet?
Subject: RE: What's your favorite female duet?
Janet Russell & Christine Kidd were mentionit aboon... Ye suid get their twa recordins an listen tae ilka sang ower & ower 'til ye hae it doon. They're aye brilliant wi the harmonies an rantin, rollickin soond! Ah've dane their arrangement o "THE TERROR TIME" (E. MacColl's sang aboot the haird life o Tinkers/Travelers) wi ma singin-pairtner tae rave reviews... tho it tuik us fore'er tae figger it oot!

Ma favourite o their recordins is ca'd: "Dancin' Chantin'"

(The ither ane's guid as weel, but Ah cannae reca the name ava!)

Best o luck wi yir duet-singin!