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Posted By: freda underhill
21-Mar-04 - 12:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: Dating Behaviour - am I out of touch ?
Subject: RE: BS: Dating Behaviour - am I out of touch ?
Hi Alice

I am grateful for the '60's revolution. It has given people the power to get out of incompatable or destructive relationships and not have to put up with crap. For some children, it has been better to be able to grow up away from a parent who has a violence or addictions problem than to stay for the sake of some veneer of respectability.

STDiseases that kill or cause infertility were developing before the 60s, and one of the major problems to preventing their spread is religious mores that proscribe the use of codoms..

In a previous generation, people waited (often for a couple of years) before marriage, it didn't make the marriages any better when they got into them. one of the best peices of legaislation that came into Australian in the mid 70s was the fault free divorce. People didn't have to snoop, accuse, recrimate or attach blame to get a divorce, they could just renegotiate property and cutody and move on with dignity.

I am glad that I have been sexually active, and not passive. I would not have learnt how to enjoy sex if I'd stayed with my first relationship.

I feel lucky that i was born into a time and culture that has given me the freedom to express myself and to choose. My children are better off and have grown up healthy and happy. they have good relationships and happy marriages. The sky hasn't fallen in.