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Posted By: davidkiddnet
19-Mar-04 - 06:52 PM
Thread Name: Incredible String Band: An Appreciation.
Subject: RE: Incredible String Band: An Appreciation.
Some of the poetry of Mike Heron and Robin Williamson have helped me through toughest times in my life, particularily "White Bird", off Changing Horse, "October Song", and "The Tree" off their debut album. Although I haven't heard that album played in twenty years I can still hear it quite clearly. I also delight in singing the amusing "Amoebas are very small" section of Mike's "A Very Cellular Song".
I was recently pleased to find a website where the laddie has tried to write down many lyrics but he's got it not quite right in a few places in my opinion.
I was sad to find he gave up on The Tree by Mike Heron. He only wrote down this bit:
"I had a Tree, in the dream hills where my childhood lay.
And I'd go there in the wide, long days,
And my Tree would listen to all that I'd say.
And the sun was shining brightly,
and the sky was smiling."

But I 'm sure it went on something like:
"And then one day when the world had got me in its gloom,
And my life was just an empty tomb,
And the sky was fading dimly and the skies were crying
And then my tree bent its branches down low down to the ground....."

then tree'y made everything better again. Who knows the words?
I wish I could work out the chords to my favourite tunes October Song and the Tree. Can anybody give me a hint?