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Posted By: Jack (who is called Jack)
14-Sep-99 - 11:39 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: 'Hostile to the opposite sex' songs
Subject: Lyr Add: CRUEL WILLIE (part)
Ah, you guys have done great.

MAN SMART (WOMEN SMARTER) is one of my old favorites. Don't forget the verse that goes

There's an old mountain song called CRUEL WILLIE whose lyrics I don't fully recall. Anyone know it?

Long a go there was a man who courted all the women
And they tell me Willie Duncan was his name.
He was...
Cruel Willie what a devil what a shame

Cruel Willie, ain't you sad,
For makin all the women feel bad?
Cruel Willie, it's a shame,
For causing all the women all the pain.

Cruel Willie went a-ridin' in his buggy one morning
When he came upon the darling Betty Lou
He was so betaken by her special kind of beauty
he was barely heard to whisper howdy do.

Betty Lou said... Now I don't believe you know me
But you knew my little sister fairly well
She was just a sweet and loving special kind of woman
Till you took her and you broke her all to hell

Willie boy said, (something like 'you must have been mistaken)
For I never hurt a woman in my life.
Then he leaned a little bit closer for to kiss her
And she stabbed him in the belly with a knife.

Anybody able to fill in the blanks?