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Posted By: lamarca
13-Sep-99 - 01:49 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: 'Hostile to the opposite sex' songs
Subject: RE: BS: Best 'Hostile to the opposite sex' song
One of my favorite traditional "Pick-up Line Put Down" songs is the Child Ballad "THE GAIRDNER CHILD" (take your fancy dress and shove it...).

There's the whole cheerful rivalry genre of Father Grumble et al., but it's not really that hostile.

Then there's one of my specialties; the whole genre of transvestite ballads. The particularly hostile ones include all the versions of Willy Taylor (Mudcat has only one,BILLY TAYLOR) where the girl dresses as a man and acts out her hostility in a very terminal fashion, and Peter/Patrick/Barrack/Name the Red Light District of Your Choice Street (Mudcat has one version PETER STREET), where the man gets to be the transvestite after an unfortunate encounter with the opposite sex...

Dissing the opposite sex in song has a long and glorious multicultural tradition that doesn't fit in very well in today's PC world, but it sure has produced some fun songs!