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Posted By: Q (Frank Staplin)
14-Mar-04 - 06:07 PM
Thread Name: Any glottal stops down your way?
Subject: RE: Any glottal stops down your way?
The remark about 'Bronxese' reminded me of something I have heard in street English in London; 'din't' for didn't. Also heard on 'eastender' programs in British-produced TV. It sounds like a glottal stop is inserted, but I am uncertain as to whether this meets the definition.
I doubt that a true glottal stop is present in speakers of the Bronx tongue.

"Handbook of Phonetics," Sweet, 1877: "The most familiar example of this 'glottal catch' is an ordinary cough."

The Hebrew Q represents a glottal K, taken neither in English, Greek, nor Latin. OED.