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Posted By: GUEST,Bothered and Bewildered
12-Mar-04 - 10:56 AM
Thread Name: BS: Dating Behaviour - am I out of touch ?
Subject: RE: BS: Dating Behaviour - am I out of touch ?
Hello, Guest of 07.41 AM. I think what you have to say DOES cast light on the discussion, and I'm glad you have joined in. I agree with you, I think there's no doubt that getting to know someone gradually in a group situation is by far the better way, and is to be handled differently from the out-of-the-blue surprise encounters when you are not looking.

What I am going to say now could also be said on the "What I like about Mudcat" thread: As Freda and others have said, I am so glad that this is a place where we can all feel safe enough to be as frank and open as people have been on this thread, and contributing such a wide variety of thoughtful insights (as on so many other threads on Mudcat) where we can think around a subject, and clarify our thoughts, on something that clearly a lot of people here want to have the opportunity to talk about.

There have been some discussions recently about whether or not to continue with the facility for people to post as "Guest", because of a troublesome few. Without the possibility for regular Mudcat members to post anonymously as Guests, a thread like this might no longer exist, or would be very different in content, and I think that would be a great pity. If I had had to put my name to this thread, I would never have started it. So, thank you Mudcat, and thank you Mudcat friends, for letting me be shy on this occasion. (I'm not, usually !)