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Posted By: GUEST
11-Mar-04 - 09:06 AM
Thread Name: BS: Dating Behaviour - am I out of touch ?
Subject: RE: BS: Dating Behaviour - am I out of touch ?
Self help books leave me cold. They are the authors interpretation of the right way to do things. Does anybody REALLY think that means it is the right way for everybody. They appeal to people who are at a low ebb and as someone pointed out above, are a licence to print money.

How many of the people who have bought that book are in happy fulfilling relationships? I'd say not many. How many of those people in happy fulfilling relationships have arrived at them because of that book. I'd say again not many.Just because you have found an author in tune with your way of viewing things does not mean they are right for everyone, just you and the author.

We all have different sex drives, hormonal levels and ideas of what is sexually satisfying. One of the reasons for so many relationship breakdowns. There is no definitive answer. Do what feels right for you. Your six months is someone elses six days. You are both right.

Shred the book and rely on your intuition.