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Posted By: Little Hawk
08-Mar-04 - 07:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: Dating Behaviour - am I out of touch ?
Subject: RE: BS: Dating Behaviour - am I out of touch ?
Takes all kinds, doesn't it? I think if you keep looking you will find someone who is on your wavelength about timing, Bothered. What I have found is that every situation is different. Some relationships build up very slowly, others more quickly. You just never know. You have to follow your instincts each time, that's all. There IS no one particular formula, as far as I'm concerned.

Then too, "no" can be a very useful word, can't it? :-) Even men get to use it now and then, hard as that is to believe! I have...but not to someone I was actually "dating"...more to certain individuals I happened to be around a lot...and they decided to take the initiative. I wasn't into it, for various reasons, on some of those occasions.

Of course, when you say "no" it helps to say it diplomatically...

- LH