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Posted By: Bob Bolton
08-Sep-99 - 03:59 AM
Thread Name: Big Whistles - Little Fingers
Subject: Big Whistles - Little Fingers
G'day all Big Bore Whistlers,

(Hmmm - had better save this as I go, this time. I had composed a long query, looked at a Help file ... and it ate my query!) Anyhow ...

This starts as a query that came to me, here in Sydney, Australia) on a long-distance 'phone call. A lass in Canberra wants to take up the big whistle (low "D") but does not know how well she will cope with the big holes and wide spacings. I gave her some general advice of varying the grip to span better and some observations of those deep, whistles with which I am familiar but I only play English Overton whistles in the deep end of the range (and lots of others from Ab to high "G").

I passed on some contacts in Canberra and some useful web links, but what she really needs in hands-on experience. Unfortunately, this won't happen until next Easter, when the (Australian) National Folk Festival brings makers, importers and enthusiasts together in Canberra for 5 or 6 days.

I guess the next best thing is to ask the wondrous assembled multitudes of MudCatters what experience they have in like areas (even if the answer comes back from Saint Alison who is only a local 'phone call away from here ... but 4 hours away fron Canberra ... slightly less if I am driving).

So my questions are: What deep "G" whistles work best for those with small and slender fingers? Are there brands with better spacing and sizing? Can custom makers do cunning work in choosing spacings and patterns to suit the player? (I know that there were a number of recognised patterns in older style flutes.)

Trusting to the assembled expertise ...


Bob Bolton