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Posted By: Sandy Paton
25-Feb-04 - 12:13 AM
Thread Name: Where Are they Now? PermaThread
Subject: RE: Where Are they Now? PermaThread
Norman Kennedy lives in Vermont, still weaving, still singing. Recently made a new CD from material recorded live in a concert in the UK. Dick Greenhaus, Mudcatter and master of Camsco Music, can get it for you. Norman's first recording, released as an LP by Folk-Legacy back in the 1960s, is now available as a CD. Check our web site.
    The song referred to in the inquiry above is "MacPherson's Rant" --
    "He took the fiddle intae baith o' his hands an' he brak' it o'er a stane. There's nae a hand shall play on ye, when I am deid an' gane.
    The reprieve was comin' o're the Brig o' Banff, tae set Mac Pherson free, but they set the clock a quarter afore, and hanged him tae the tree."
    Jeannie Robertson told me they were hanging him for sheep stealing, but they were mostly out to get him because he was "a traveller." She said, "He was a McFee, y'ken!"