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Posted By: Greg F.
23-Feb-04 - 07:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: Kerry's War Record...
Subject: RE: BS: Kerry's War Record...
Well, maybe I'm not getting YOUR point, Strick.

Clinton presumably lied to avoid service, and Bush's rich daddy bought him a way to avoid service. I don't see much of a difference. The rest of his administration- Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz,Rove, the whole damn bunch(with the exception of Colin Powell) managed to weasel their way out of serving by one means or another. Why pick on Clinton? And sure as hell, how can these people pick on Kerry without blushing?

Powell before the 2000 selection was quite outspoken about the injustice during the Viet Nam era of rich folks buying their way out of the draft leaving Blacks and the poor to do the fighting.I thought I'd archived one of his statements on this topic but can't locate it at the moment. He hasn't had much to say on this topic since his appointment; he's taken to licking the rear end of one of the rich folks that bought his way out.