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Posted By: Rapparee
23-Feb-04 - 01:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: Kerry's War Record...
Subject: RE: BS: Kerry's War Record...
1. Not all of the Guardsmen, even in the '70s, were as painted by the media and others. I know many who were not. Unfortunately, I know some than were. I respect the first group and can't get enthusiastic about about the second.

Moreover, we're talking officers here. The EM have always gotten shafted -- all they do is take the crap that trickles down from above. I was an NG EM (NCO, actually); we did our jobs and fulfilled the obligations we agreed to. I can also speak to some extent for the officers I knew and know. What other officers -- and especially pilots in the Air Guard -- did is beyond the scope of my immediate knowledge (although I've heard stories).

2. The best friends my NG company had in 'Nam were the Marines at the Chu Lai Waterpoint, and vice versa. We provided them with ammo and steaks (beyond what was supplied to them by the USMC) and they provided nearly unlimited water. Mutually beneficial, and the NGs and the Leathernecks got along far better than the NGs and the regular Army.

3. Some of my friends and cousins served in the Delta, in the Infantry. I've never heard them say a bad word about the riverine or fast boat forces.

4. As for Kerry -- I was disturbed at first by his post-VN anti-war actions (FWIW, I wasn't all that gung-ho about the war myself). Upon consideration, he was out of the service and acting on his own conscience when he did that. And I tend to respect those who change their mind after due consideration far more than those who storm ahead unthinkingly.