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Posted By: Nerd
21-Feb-04 - 01:39 AM
Thread Name: BS: GET A JOB...
Subject: RE: BS: GET A JOB...
Two things amuse me about Tar_Heel's posts. First, coming from someone who claims to be a Christian, the first post not only admits but revels in the fact that we in the US have cheap computer mice because some poor Chinese person is kept in grinding poverty through low wages. But isn't that a sin, Tar Heel? Won't the luxury items produced by sweat shop slaves send us all to hell? Wouldn't it be better to pay 80% more for a mouse?

Second, there's the claim that many successful people make that "because I succeeded, anyone who doesn't is a whiner." This reeks of the unresolved guilt people like Tar Heel feel because they know their success was based as much on luck and advantage as on skill and hard work. The pathetic, whimpering child inside Tar Heel is so crippled by guilt over the fact that he succeeded partly because he was white, for example, that he has to whine about black people in the most racist manner (yo'face?) and claim they make more money than they deserve. Awww, poor little white boy feels discriminated against? Don't we feel sorry for you!

And, by the way, the flaw in the argument about the jobs in India is that the corporation IS doing something other than exporting information and importing modified information. It is, for example, giving money away to the Indian government in the form of its workers' taxes!

Here's what people forget: for the privilege and advantages of being a US corporation, using the US infrastructure to establish and maintain itself, and the US reputation to make clients feel like they're doing business with the best, a US corporation owes the US community (who paid for the infrastructure and established the reputation). It pays our government, which uses the money for our various needs. It's like their membership dues that they pay for using the the swimming pool and tennis courts at their country club. They pay in corporate taxes.

By outsourcing jobs, the corporation deprives the US community of dues twice: once, when the workers pay their taxes in India instead of here, and twice, when the workers who got laid off start drawing unemployment. Thus, if such companies want to keep using the US infrastructure and reputation, they need either to be good citizens and keep jobs here, or else pay more taxes to make up for their theft of services.

So the answer to "what do you do?" is to charge a tax on companies for every worker they employ overseas and apply that money to our various welfare programs. If we make the tax high enough, it will work as a deterrent, and the companies will look for other ways to keep costs down besides gouging foreign workers. If it's still profitable to gouge, at least our unemployed will have a solvent system watching their backs until they find work.