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Posted By: Sam L
20-Feb-04 - 11:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: GET A JOB...
Subject: RE: BS: GET A JOB...
Martin, people are not whining, there's been one rough comment, but be grateful for it--this is the only thing you can form any kind of response to.

One time at the park a family got out with their doberman, which ran directly to my very small kids, who were scared and began climbing me. I said call your dog. Three times. The man looked at me. I said call your motherfucking dog you pissant I'll kill the fucking thing and beat you with the carcass you cocksucking shithead. He called his dog. Then he told me he didn't appreciate the language. But it was the only one he UNDERSTOOD. Sometimes you have to come down to the level of a person, or they just sit there indefinately, scratching themselves like monkeys. As a lame-brained repetitious troll (or actually I'm almost convinced you are a real person who is like a troll but without any redeeming aesthetic awareness that you are funny) you of all people should know this. All that space of park and the guy sets his doberman loose in the kids playground. What a fuckhead.

If you and Tar Heel can't muster any sign of intelligent argument for yourselves, or just the personal courage to stand for whatever you think you think, I could do it, I've heard it enough. And I've worked with people who thought the world owed them a job, who whined about doing what they were paid to do. I've seen situations where the point could be fairly made (but the administration G.W.Bush just isn't one of them, because he sucks). But I could argue the other way, if y'all need to hire somebody to do it. Do you have a dental plan?