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Posted By: Kim C
20-Feb-04 - 03:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: GET A JOB...
Subject: RE: BS: GET A JOB...
But nowhere in the Constitution does it say that the President is reponsible for ensuring that each individual is gainfully employed.

Yes, the editorial is harsh, and probably written by someone whose only purpose in writing is to elicit strong reactions from readers. Neal Boortz is a talk radio host, if that gives you any clues.

But let's look at this a little deeper. What I got out of it is that it isn't the President's fault (no matter who the President happens to be at the time) if you don't have a job. I don't believe it's necessarily yours. Indeed, the individual does bear the responsibility of looking for a job, and keeping up the skills necessary to get a job. But even that doesn't ensure employment. There are other factors at play, most notably the local economy.

If there are no jobs to be had where you live, that's not your fault. And it's not the President's fault, either. The President is an easy target because he's the one in front, but the people behind him, i.e., the House and the Senate, and the State governments, all have some culpability when it comes to issues of economics. And I use the term President in general - not necessarily referring to George Bush.