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Posted By: Sam L
20-Feb-04 - 12:31 PM
Thread Name: BS: GET A JOB...
Subject: RE: BS: GET A JOB...
Intersting point about CEO's. Bush has led very much like a CEO who doesn't understand that his company went public for some quick cash, that he has responsibilities to the shareholders to act in the interest of the company, and will get his ass canned for his disregard. Bush was elected by the narrowest possible of margins but has been dismissive and impatient with the concerns of the many who didn't vote for him. He thoroughly and perfectly deserves to be fired and I think he will be.

   In U.S. business this situation was named after Armand Hammer, who was so accustomed to using company funds to indulge his hobbies he couldn't imagine that people didn't want to give him their money for nothing. It's not a coincidence that it looks like Bush jr's mode, it's just the same culture at work. This dream of power-nobility and divine right isn't just stupid and obviously childish, it's profoundly un-American. The conservatives who subscribe to it aren't usually very bright or informed ones, just impressionable people who like the smell of successful people's butts. Employers are not free to do whatever they want with jobs, the jobs don't quite belong to them, because that would be, um, slavery, nor are these people free from being criticized when they act without any basic civic decency, whether it's legal or not.