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Posted By: dianavan
20-Feb-04 - 12:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: GET A JOB...
Subject: RE: BS: GET A JOB...
Well tar heel you sure are a big bad boss but a teacher...? Pity those that pay for your reading assignments. Just another example of the so-called educated, blaming the disenfranchised for daring to complain.

I thought it was the responsibility of the govt. to take care of its people, especially access to education and health care. Unfortunately, the govt seems to think it is responsible for the economy. That your job, Mr.Business! If you do your job, then maybe the govt. can get back to doing what they are elected to do. Even if that means taxing the fat cats and protecting the environment so that there will be resources for future generations.

If we don't want to buy your brands, we wont. If you want to set-up sweatshops in other countries, go for it. We will boycott you right into the poorhouse. Maybe then you will get it.

It may be your job but it takes a human being to fill it. You want the job done right? Do it yourself (can you?) or hire someone qualified to do it. You get what you pay for!