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Posted By: GUEST,Ely
19-Feb-04 - 09:09 PM
Thread Name: BS: GET A JOB...
Subject: RE: BS: GET A JOB...
I have a job but it doesn't pay a living wage; I work 12-hour-plus days so I can't schedule classes to further my training (at least, not without dropping hours and taking a big bite out of my already-sorry paycheck, and risking my job), and if my boss finds out I'm thinking of looking for a better job he'll find an excuse to fire me. He gives me an "insurance allowance" in place of a health plan, which covers about half my health insurance, and the money he gives me goes on my paycheck, too, so I have to pay taxes on it even though I'm a full-time employee. I don't dare ask for a raise; he's already riding all of us about profits, profits, profits. Never mind that he has a brand-new $30,000 pickup truck, five pet horses, gives all of his buddies huge discounts (or outright freebies), and goes on vacation three or four times a year.

Furthermore, from what I understand, it is crappy dead-end jobs like mine that make up the bulk of the "job growth" about which Dubya's been crowing. Lot of damned good it does the rest of us.