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Posted By: Cattail
14-Feb-04 - 05:31 PM
Thread Name: DTStudy: Bold Jack Donohue
Hi Joe.

I don't know if this will be of any help to you, it bears a strong resemblance to your number two version but with minor variations.

I have it on a tape called:-

a Larrikin collection of Australian songs


No: TC-AX 701305

Year: 1982

And sung and played by DANNY SPOONER on solo accordian

I have indicated where I cannot get the words, and what they sound
like to me. Perhaps our Australian friends can help us out with this?


Oh it's of a bold Australian
Of courage and renown
Who swore to live in slavery
Or be humble to the crown
In Dublin city were the place
Where first a breath he drew
Was here they christened him
The brave and bold Jack Donahue

Now Donahue was transported
All for a notorious crime
And sentenced to be hung upon
The gallows tree so high
But when they got him to Bathurst jail
He left them in a stew
For when they came to call the roll
They missed Jack Donahue

Instrumental of verse

Well when Donahue made his escape
to the bush he went straight 'way
The squatters they was feared for
To travel by night and day
For every day in the newspaper
They publish something new
Concerning all the valiant deeds
Of bold Jack Donahue

But as Donahue were cruisin'
One Sunday afternoon
And little was his notion
That his death would come so soon
When the sergeant of the *old* police (sounds like owse, probably horse)
Discharged his carabine
And called aloud on Donahue
To fight or to resign

Resign to you
You cowardly dogs
A thing I'd never do
I'd rather fight with all me might
Said bold Jack Donahue
I'd rather roam these hills around
Like wolf or kangaroo
Than I'd work one hour for your government
Said bold Jack Donahue

And three rounds he fought with the *old* police   (sounds like owse, as above)
Until the final ball
That pierced his heart
And *cruelly smart*   (can't get this at all, but sounds like this)
Caused Donahue to fall
The sergeant and the corporal
and all their cowardly crew
Well it took them all their time to fall
The bold Jack Donahue

Instrumental of verse

Well if *__* Grant, and Robin Hood   (sounds like freezy)
O'Hagan and O'Hare
But with Donahue the highwayman
Theres none who can compare
And now he's up in heaven I hope
With saints and angels too
Well I hope the lord have mercy on
The bold Jack Donahue

Cheers for now

Cattail !