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Posted By: Easy Rider
03-Sep-99 - 04:20 PM
Thread Name: Help: Personal Songbook question
Subject: RE: Help: Personal Song Book question
It seems most people have a preference for keeping their song sheets in a three ring binder of some sort. I started one of these, in 1963, when I first started learning folk music. In those days, and even now, my sources were from all sorts of places and in all sorts of forms and sizes, printed, mimeographed, lyrics, lyrics and chords, printed or hand written tablature/music, etc. Some of it was on loose leaf school paper, some on yellow note pads.

Most of it is pretty yellow around the edges now, but I'm glad I saved that book. It helped me to relearn all the songs I used to play, when I started playing guitar again last Summer.

Now I usually photocopy the sheets I am working on, so they will lay flat on my music stand. I'm thinking of getting one of those alphabetical accordion folders, at STAPLES, and just putting all my song sheets in that. That way, I can just pull out a sheet and place it on the music stand, when I want to practice it. I don't perform, and I only need my song sheets for learning and practice, at home. At a song circle, I would only play a song that I know pretty well. Often others will know the words, and there is always "Rise Up Singing". "Now let's all turn to the top of page 169. 1, 2, 3, 4..."