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07-Feb-04 - 12:56 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: An Paistin Fionn: English words?
Subject: Lyr Add: AN PÁISTÍN FIONN (from Niamh Parsons)
Here is the version that Niamh Parson's sings on "In my Prime":


CHORUS: Is tusa mo rún, mo rún, mo rún,
Is tusa mo rún is mo ghrá geal.
You are my delight and my comfort all night
And I'd wrap you up tight in my arms.

Mo Páistín Fionn is my heart's delight,
Her heart shines out through her two eyes so bright,
And the bloom of the apple in her cheeks so bright,
And her neck like the swan's on a March morn bright. CHORUS

Oh love of my heart, my fair Páistín
Your lips are as red as the rose's sheen,
But mine have touched no other, I ween,
Than the glass that I drink to the health of my queen! CHORUS

Were I in the town where's sport be held,
Between two barrels of brown ale,
And my fond Páistín upon my knee,
'Tis I would sing to her pleasantly! CHORUS

Nine nights I have lain in sorrow and pain,
Beneath your window love, under the rain,
Thinking of you, my love, once again;
That some whisper or thought my darling to meet (gain? IN ORDER TO RHYME?) CHORUS

Kind friends and neighbours they say I'd go,
From all the prettiest girls that I know,
But from you, my dear, oh, never, oh no!
Till I lie in the coffin stretched cold and low! CHORUS x 2