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Posted By: DougR
02-Sep-99 - 03:03 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat Pub - Round 8
Subject: RE: Mudcat Pub - Round 8

I suppose one could lose the outer layer of skin on one's tongue should one lick fast enough to lose ten pounds in a week, es so? I guess I'll just have to take up jogging. I guess I could go on a solid diet of jello, but after everbody has been swimming in it, I don't know. If the velcro wall was back up Big Mick could throw me up against it, but then it would be him getting the exercise instead of me!

I guess I'll just have to think on it. Since I am now on the other side of the bar, bbc, would you draw me a Black and Tan? I say bbc, because you've spent enough time getting back to the old school routine. Time to get back to important things ... like pouring!