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Posted By: GUEST,Strollin' Johnny
31-Jan-04 - 07:39 AM
Thread Name: Kate Rusby and Radio 2 playlist
Subject: RE: Kate Rusby and Radio 2 playlist
John, Guest and others - sorry if I misunderstood your postings, I do agree that talent should always take precedence over physical beauty and I guess I'm nervous that Kate might be getting all this National Radio and TV exposure more because the media moguls view her as eye-candy than because of their recognition of her considerable talent (Look at the cretinous 'Pop Idol' shows where looks and image are paramount - I'd hate to see the same stupid values translating themselves into the world of folk).

I'm nervous too that we may be seeing something of this strange British phenomenon where we worship unknowns, turn them into stars and then kick seven bells out of them until they're back where they started - admittedly it's not something you see in the folk world, but then you don't see that many folk artistes truly hitting the Big-Time!

Again, sorry guys if I got unnecessarily stroppy. I'll read more carefully in future!
All the Best,

PS: If 'Eliza C' is THE Eliza C, what a nice gesture and how typical of the nice people in Folk. Good on yer girl!