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31-Jan-04 - 05:56 AM
Thread Name: Kate Rusby and Radio 2 playlist
Subject: RE: Kate Rusby and Radio 2 playlist
Strollin Johnny, I don't see the Hogmany thread in the same way as you but there again I was one of the critics. As it was the first time I had heard her, I found many of the comments which to you would have seemed negative as being constructive. If she had only recieved priase for that performance, I would have simply decided she is not to my tastes. As it turned out, I now know she tends to be better when she can work with people and that my hearing was a below par performance. The end result of that thread for me is that I am actualy more, not less, inclined to give her another listen sometime.

I think you took Giok out of context. I'd agree with him that in the more commercial world that sadly good looks do tend to be an advantage. I think that one good thing we have in the folk world is that although we may appreciate a person's beauty (or at least from my viewpoint - there are people out there I fancy!), I believe we do try to judge our enjoyment of music with our ears, not our eyes and are less subjected to the marketing forces and what they consider will help in promotion.

Back more on topic... I would echo Eliza C in "Good on her. Hope it does her well". I'd doubt than any poster to this thread feels otherwise.