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Posted By: catspaw49
30-Jan-04 - 09:13 PM
Thread Name: The Mudcat Juke Joint!
Subject: RE: The Mudcat Juke Joint!
Well that was a wonderful trip........Thanks for the refresh katmyluv.........

Yeah, a lot of us on this thread are either gone or not around as much as we were then.....and I miss them. Leej was my favorite writing partner and those characters were fun for both of us. JE, Peter T., kat, Lin, and others along with myself, are around here far less. Ol' Seed was always a trip and Caitrin one of the youngest and was Meebo (Mbo).....a brilliant young man who has gone on to better things but still appears occasionally to let us know that all is well.

Sometimes I read threads now and don't post simply because I have posted on that same topic before but the newer folks seem to be enjoying themselves as we did then so why throw in my crap again. I pretty much relegate myself to the obvious topic of gas or the like because it's expected of me and i hate to let folks down. Often I do though.....Even Spaw has a fart joke threshold I guess.

There's another Cletus story brewing but it may not end the way I might like it, or you either. We'll see what develops 'cause gawd knows those guys are capable of damn near anything!!! To anyone else bothering to read this ols thread, I hope you enjoyed it half as much as we did when we wrote it.(:<))