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Posted By: GUEST,Crystal
25-Jan-04 - 10:20 AM
Thread Name: BS: Has the Internet changed kids?
Subject: RE: BS: Has the Internet changed kids?
I've been an active participant on many forums since I was 16.
I've found that some of the worst people for rudeness, bickering and all round stupidity tend to be adults, especially over 40's.
A forum of which I am a member has been attacked reciently by a few members of another forum who think it is correct to use bad language and threatening behavior.
The problem is that this is a Thunderbirds forum!
Yes Thunderbirds as in the kids show. I've been a member of the forum for about 4 years now and I am aware that some of our members are quite young, so I am careful with my language.
Our detractors, two 40 year old women were upset by our webmaster pointing out that a piece of imformation one of them gave out was incorrect. He was very polite about it but this woman HATES being corrected about anything. She and her friend have been harassing us for months, trying to start a flame war but to no avail.
What makes it sillier is that They are 40, he is 19 and HE is the mature one.
I've never experienced hassle from teenagers really.