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Posted By: Cluin
22-Jan-04 - 01:49 PM
Thread Name: Pre-stretching guitar strings
Subject: RE: Pre-stretching guitar strings
Long ago I used to tune higher than concert pitch and leave it for a a day. Then lower the tuning to concert. Don't have the luxury of that time anymore.

Now I stretch `em as I tune `em up a couple of times. Grasp each string at the 12th fret, pull up and wiggle back and forth a few times. Tune up again. Repeat. After about 3 times they are pretty much stretched and ready to go.

They'll still need to be "played in" for a couple of hours though.

I also make sure the windings are in order and even at the peg too, laying nicely side by side moving down towards the wood: about 3 windings for the low E to about 9 or 10 for the high E. Seems to keep them well in tune till they wear out.