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Posted By: GUEST,Jon
21-Jan-04 - 06:58 PM
Thread Name: Practicing abc notation
Subject: RE: Practicing abc notation
Mark, just as I may have missread you (and I knew I might have been over possible interpretations of the abc lillypond bit), I'd like to explain what I meant above as I feel that just maybe I was missinterpreted.

While I believe that abc is the better way, I was not trying to criticise DG for his choice at the time or for his (and Susan's) efforts. The main concern to me (and feel free to shoot me down for this) is this:

Last time I had this feeling was with the latest MC MIDI project you are involved with. I know there are people like you who can and do analyse the merits of various software but I also feel that as the largest and most successful folk site and database support songwrite and MIDI, a side effect is that others will consider this the best way to go and we we will never effectively get out of MIDI and an obsolete notation program.

I know this will come over as being nasty but I can't think of any other way of expressing this feeling... If for example MC did decide to back abc, I think many that support both NWC (a proprietary format) and MIDI would end up supporting abc.

All that said, please in no way read this as me not appreciating the efforts made in folk music by Dick and team. It's more a case to me of say VHS vs Beta, etc.