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Posted By: GUEST,Jon
21-Jan-04 - 07:43 AM
Thread Name: Practicing abc notation
Subject: RE: Practicing abc notation
Mark, I'm in complete agreement with your assesment of the merits of both references.

I'm not sure whether I'm reading you correctly but I'm not convinced abc will ever replace Lilypond. It will however become more useful to more people with the ideas I think (I'm not sure) came from abc+.

From my own viewpoint, I love it. We can pretty well portray information as found in folk music texts, have a very concise "description" of a song which is (to some) human readable, easy to store in a plain text file as well as in a database field, quality software such as abcm2ps that produces lovely output (and from my viepoint does not make great demands on system resources), etc. And even if a few niggles remain, I think it can only get better.

I'd like to think that in time Dick Greenhaus will move from Songwrite to abc as I believe that would be a major turning point for the acceptance of abc as an important standard for folk songs (as opposed to just tunes) on the Internet. It's happening already with some sites but the DT (and Mudcat) has so much more "clout".