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Posted By: Bill D
17-Jan-04 - 08:46 PM
Thread Name: Is this song appropriate?: Slap Her Down Again Paw
Subject: RE: Is this tune appropriate?: Slap Her Down Again Paw
"...other songs that condone what I see as unacceptable behaviour..."

Ah STILL don't think the SONG can condone nuthin'

Ah guess, Ahm a mite slow, but Ah still don't see whut differmunts hit makes to be willin' to sing 'bout murder between sisters and NOT sing 'bout whuppin' yore silly kid...but everbody done got they own ideer 'bout where lines gotta be drawed. Y'all g'wan and sing whatcha want.

(guess I'd better duck out of sight before my bad parody of hillbilly grammar gets too much flak! *big grin*)