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Posted By: GUEST,Boab D
16-Jan-04 - 06:10 AM
Thread Name: Farting in Public
Subject: RE: Farting in Public
Hullo again well this has to be the best one ever well in my opinion it was so I will tell you.
On a lovely romantic holiday in Vienna with the new girlfriend who had never farted in front of me ever. So I decided that we should do the touristy thing and she wanted to also so we went to the museum of modern art. No problem went straight to the top and worked our way down. Now I'm not knocking modern art but at the top it was wierd and the further you decended the worse it became. Anyway get to the bottom level and it was the most, well ,vile I suppose is the only word for it of guys pishing into beakers on video and spitting blood all over each other just wierd well anyway there was the girlfriend and I laughing at the absurdity of this trying to keep it in obviously as we dont want to offend the curators or the other tourists when we turned a corner and this guy was having a shit (on film) pulling his cheeks apart well she just started laughing and a wee well quite a big fart came out and everyone in the gallery looked at us and this poor lassie was dying of embarassment and laughter for obvious reasons. One of those ones where you had to be there but if you are ever feeling blue of really sad for about 10 go to the museum of modern atr in Vienna and start at the top and work your way down. The pleasure I get from just thinking about it is amazing.