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Posted By: Q (Frank Staplin)
16-Jan-04 - 02:48 AM
Thread Name: Is this song appropriate?: Slap Her Down Again Paw
Subject: Lyr Add: SLAP HER DOWN AGAIN PA (Arthur Godfrey)
Words and music by Polly Arnold, Alice Cornett, & Eddie Asherman
As recorded by Arthur Godfrey with the Too Fat Trio, 1948 (YouTube) (Internet Archive)

SPOKEN: Come here, gol-dern you!
Take that! And that! And that!
That's right—

CHORUS: Slap her down again, Pa; slap her down again.
Make her tell us more, Pa, tell us where she's been.
We don't want our neighbors talkin' about our kin.
Slap her down again, Pa; slap her down again.

Well Pa and Ma were so dern sore, they woke me up one night.
There was some awful cussin' and Ma said Pa was right.
They was awaitin' Sister Bess who never kept her word.
The sun came up as Bess came in and this is what I heard: CHORUS

Now poor old Bess got so dern mad she ran away one day
To meet that travelin' salesman with city-slickin' ways.
We ran and stood beside the road with shotguns by our side,
Me and Deke and Pa and Ma who yelled as they came by: CHORUS

Now Ma and Pa they planned for Bess to marry Deacon Brown
And not that travelin' salesman who always came around.
They made poor Bessie go to church; her face was mighty red.
The deacon took one look at her and this is what he said: CHORUS

Well, the moral of this story, girls, is don't stay out too late
Unless you take your shoes off outside your pappy's gate.
If Ma don't hear you comin' in she won't lay down the law
And you won't have to worry cause she won’t sing out to Pa: CHORUS

* * *
Also recorded by:
Smokey Rogers with Tex Williams' Western Caravan, 1948
Patsy Montana and Her Buckaroos, 1948 (Internet Archive)
Esmereldy & Her Novelty Band (YouTube)