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Posted By: The Fooles Troupe
11-Jan-04 - 08:19 PM
Thread Name: Using a music stand
Subject: RE: Using a music stand
I note that poeple who have never had an "official music lesson" as in doing exams such as AMEB or Trinity College, etc are only too ready to put down those who have. It is great to teach yourself an instrument.

When doing my formal music studies, there were several sections. Theory - where one had to memorise for each level, several tunes so that one could transpose them to another key and write it out, sometimes even adding harmonies. One was able to play the tune from memory without music on the piano too, incidentally.

The practical exam involved several sections.

There was the sight reading section - within the level for the grade, one had to play music sight unseen - one was allowed a few seconds to work out key, etc, then you had to play it - WITH EXPRESSION! thereby sinking the claims by non-formally-trained folkies that you can't play with expression while reading from sheet music - you were marked also on EXPRESION!

There was also the "play one of the practised set pieces with the music in front of you" section - WITH EXPRESSION! you were also marked on expression - thereby sinking etc.... :-)

There was also the "play one of the set pieces from memory" section, - where you were also marked on expression - thereby sinking.... etc.

The when I entered Eisteddfords, you were marked on "expression" too...

So my answer to those ignoramuses who claim that you CAN'T play with expression - or sing for that matter too - but I only did first grade singing - while reading from a printed page is BULLSHIT! - in the politest possible terms of course... :-)