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Posted By: GUEST,Susanl
11-Jan-04 - 07:02 PM
Thread Name: Using a music stand
Subject: RE: Using a music stand
I'm probably not saying anything here that hasn't already been said. I never use lyrics or chord charts when I perform. I don't feel like the song is mine if I haven't memorized it and any song worth learning to me is worth the time to memorize it. There are many tricks for memorizing lyrics and chords that make it natural.

Having said that, there are many people who use music stands who are excellent performers and if they're able to be effective, then let them.

What I DON'T like is playing with people OR watching people perform who flip through books and never even try to memorize anything. They play the same hundred songs from song books but don't spend enough time on ONE at a time to memorize any.

If someone's put in the effort to memorize their songs and HAS them memorized but nerves or other factors get the better of them, so they find it necessary to use visual aids, then let them.

Superficial efforts are self-indulgent. Music stands or no music stands, I can hear when a performer has committed themselves to a song vs. a performer who just likes to play the song but hasn't worked hard enough to justify taking an audience's or other musicians' attention.

I don't think that's snobbery. I think it's wonderful when anyone makes music, but I think they should put more effort into making it than the effort required by the audience to listen to it.