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Posted By: MickyMan
10-Jan-04 - 08:13 AM
Thread Name: Travel guitars
Subject: RE: Travel guitars
So interesting to hear Don Firth and others waxing poetic about the "Go Guitar". I'm planning an extensive backpacking trip in Vermont this summer and a very good friend of mine, John Ficcaro of CT, has lent me his "Go-GW". I just got it two nights ago and I'm very impressed with its' sound. A few years ago I hiked with his Martin Backpacker. It was the nylon string model and so a true comparison is not possible, but I must say that these new travel guitars work very well on a pack with their light weight and rigid construction. My first reaction is definately favorable toward this steel string "Go".
Do any hikers have some ideas about several of the following issues,,, 1.The lightest good capo I could bring. 2. The lightest decent tuner aavailable (maybe I'll just live with a tuning fork, what do you think?) 3.HOW BEST TO PACK ONE OF THESE PADDLE=LIKE TRAVEL GUITARS WHEN HIKING? (I'm borrowing this instrument and would like to get it back to my friend in one piece.) 4. How to keep it clean on the trail? 5. Types of strings that may even fatten up the sound more.
   Any other related backpacking experiences would be appreciated... but no horror stories, please. My friend will probably be seeing these messages and I don't want him to take it back! I'll keep this thread posted as to my experiences in the "high hills and mountains" while happily strumming away.