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Posted By: Geoff the Duck
08-Jan-04 - 01:12 PM
Thread Name: Left Handers and Strings?
Subject: RE: Left Handers and Strings?
Some interesting points being made.
I certainly DO NOT intend to dictate that my son behave Right-handed or force him to behave in an alien manner when he is naturally Left-handed. He writes with a pen in his left hand, but scratches his bottom with either. On the other hand (sic) I am a great believer that ALL of us should try to develop skills with both hands. It is incredibly useful to be able to knock in a nail, using a hammer in your left hand and also upside down.
One of the best skill I have found for strengthening the non-dominant hand and increasing your control of BOTH of them is Juggling. The coordination between brain and TWO hands working in a sequence where Neither hand is dominating the pattern is a great asset.
I also do not intend to let him make a mistake purely due to an uninformed chance decision. He is Four years old, and should be open to learn ANYTHING from scratch, as should his right-handed sister. I do, however, intend to take on board any and all arguments made here, as long as they are backed up with something which seems like sound reasoning.
OKAY - back to you lot...