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Posted By: Walking Eagle
07-Jan-04 - 08:12 PM
Thread Name: Left Handers and Strings?
Subject: RE: Left Handers and Strings?
Jimi Hendrixs' guitar was strung for a leftie. Maybe if us lefties started standing up for our rights ( heh, heh ), then you righties wouldn't be in such a quandry as to what to do with 'us'!

I once gave my Martin to a leftie who had been playing 'the wrong way' ( i.e right handed *BG* ) for all his playing life. Inside of a night he had the thing mastered and said that he had never played so well in his life. That is saying something as he is a very good player. He said he felt like he was home. I sold him that guitar and stepped up one for myself. I called Elderly, they said no problem and my instrument was in my hands by week's end. Martin is one company that doesn't make me feel like they have to turn the whole factory upside down just to provide me with a quality left handed instrument. Our Sam Ashe here keeps a number of left handed instruments on hand all the time.

A left handed piano you say? Now, that is odd.

With left hand firmly on my mouse,


P.S. With a lot of music going to tab, it makes no difference at all.