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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
07-Jan-04 - 05:21 PM
Thread Name: Left Handers and Strings?
Subject: RE: Left Handers and Strings?
There are three options for a left-hander, not two, aren't there?

One is to use standard instruments, and learn to play using the left hand for chording and such and the right hand for fingerpicking or plectrums or holding the bow.

The other is to use standard instruments, but play them backwards, chording with the right hand - the way Elizabeth Cotton is said to have played it.

And the third is to chord with the right hand, but have an instrument strung (and ideally built) the other way round.

The ideal thing would be to learn it so you could play using either hand to do either job, whether you're right handed or left handed. (Maybe the Ducklings could have both sorts, and learn to play all three ways.)

But I'm not at all sure about this idea that the hand that's doing the chording is doing the difficult job, and the other hand is having it easy. The fact that Django Reinhardt never changed over to playing the other way even when half his hand was burnt off suggests that that is an over-simplification.