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Posted By: Walking Eagle
07-Jan-04 - 05:13 PM
Thread Name: Left Handers and Strings?
Subject: RE: Left Handers and Strings?
I'm left handed and I play left handed. This after playing right handed and being very frustrated for many years. Start the left handed one right handed. If he starts to say, I can't play this--It's too hard--I hate this--I can't keep up--This is dumb, whatever, then consider changing him.

Sorry Jimmy, he WON'T thank his dad later on. My teachers tried to change me in school and all it led to was frustration and hatred of education on my part. It lasts forever!

Many instrument companies, Martin for instance, make left handed instruments as a common thing now.

Don't risk frustration with the child, if right handed doesn't work, any luthier can switch the saddle and nut for his instrument. Assuming, of course, that he wants to stick with the uke.

Being left handed is NOT a disability.