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Posted By: harpgirl
29-Dec-03 - 10:45 PM
Thread Name: A Message for Gargoyle
Subject: RE: A Message for Gargoyle
Let's see what we know about Garg. He went to the University of Maine. His family lives in Arizona. He is divorced. He used to teach High school English but now he is retired. He has severe trouble with his eyes. He was a Philmont Ranger and so he is a dedicated boyscout(complete with the code of ethics, folks). He is a Republican. He makes money on some internet tricks he go into early
but not as much now as he used to. He collects dirty Rugby songs that he used to sing when he was the Songmeister for the Hash House Harriers of Long Beach which he joined to get rid of his middle age paunch. He drinks beer. He plays piano...

Oh wait, I'm stalking. Joe hates this. I better stop. How can anyone fear such an ordinary guy???? He has been playing dungeons and dragons so long, he has begun to believe his own bad press! It's just a fantasy character! Garg is actually an invention of Bert and Max, anyway...Love, harpy ( and who is that anyway????? do any of you really know?)