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Posted By: catspaw49
29-Dec-03 - 09:02 PM
Thread Name: A Message for Gargoyle
Subject: RE: A Message for Gargoyle
I made a comment on the deleted thread so I'll comment here as well I guess. Garg has been an ass of the First Order many times in the past...Of course I have often returned that to him in kind. He has also been extremely threatening at times. On the other hand he has been involved in some simply great musical questions and has an excellent knowledge of music.

Over the years, Garg has mellowed somewhat and I now often find that he seems to be more interested in pushing the envekope by whatever means and margins are available as a way of enjoying himself. Some of his attacks lack the vitriol of old, others are just half-hearted efforts at best. Once in awhile he goes completely off the deep end.

Most of us still keep an eye on his antics but he no longer is the threat we used to feel.......partly because he has developed into one thing--our own in-house troll and flamer. We're used to it and judge each post accordingly. From helpful to humorous to grotesque and crude, we are used to his bag of tricks and he is used to getting axed.

Jerry, do not mistake what I say for approval. Garg and I will continue along, me telling him to fuck himself and he sending best wishes for my imminent demise. Take his good postings for the good stuff they are but try not to think he's an okay guy, just misunderstood. He and I are both assholes and both are an integral part of what Mudcat is. But never forget that when you befriend a snake, it is, after all, still a snake.