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Posted By: Bobert
29-Dec-03 - 07:51 PM
Thread Name: A Message for Gargoyle
Subject: RE: A Message for Gargoyle
I haven't gotten to the thread attacking Gargoyle but, hey, difference of opinion is what makes a horse race intersting...

There was a tthread a while back where one member thought he was being phsically threatened by another and said, "bring it on". That thread shouls have been stopped. This is not a place where people find others to engage in violent behavior agains one another but othe than that, if it isn't blatently stupid and vulgar, it doesn't offend my at all. Quite the contrary. In these times, it's good for folks to vent since most have been disenfranchished from the decision making powers that control their lives...

And, remember what Jesus said when the crowd of vigilantes was about to stone a prostitute. "Let he who not sinned cast the first stone."

Thanks for satrting this thread, Jerry. Tolerance is very much part of what we both know to be the salve for the wounds that seperate us.