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Posted By: Jerry Rasmussen
29-Dec-03 - 10:35 AM
Thread Name: A Message for Gargoyle
Subject: A Message for Gargoyle
Joe: If you want to eliminate this thread, that's your choice. I was upset about the thread attacking Gargoyle and wanted to send him a PM but the only Mudcat name that came up was Gargoyle Hunter. I don't know if that's "Gargoyle" or not.

I just wanted to speak on behalf of Gargoyle. I know that most of his posts are insulting, and I've been turned off by them as much as anyone. But, Gargoyle is a person, not a Gargoyle. There have been times in every one of our lives when we've been Gargoyles, too... times when we've been angry, felt rejected and unloveable. That's when you feel like hurting somemone else, because you're hurting. When you're in that state of mind and heart, there are only two ways to go... become more bitter and isolated, or let people into your heart. A good friend will speak out against the actions but seek some common ground where bitterness can be laid aside on both sides.

So, if you read this Gargoyle, I've appreciated a couple of positive comments that you've made on threads that I've started. As far as I'm concerned, you behavior isn't welcome here, but YOU are! If you PM me, I be glad to share some music with you.

We're all in this together.

Brother Jerry