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Posted By: Mrrzy
25-Dec-03 - 09:40 PM
Thread Name: BS: Nest - Empty or full?
Subject: RE: BS: Nest - Empty or full?
8 yr-old twin boys at home, am single with new sweetie (!) and the X does help some, these days, but am also geographically second with Mom recovering terribly slowly from heart surgery (they call it the squeeze generation).
My niece has moved back home to attend college closer to home, and we think it odd. But when I was living in Europe various summers, I tended to find that Europeans live at home, or are expected to, till marriage, however long that takes. Nothing odd there in a 30-year old single man living with his mother, but it would be odd in the US. Or so it seems to me. Can't think of it coming up in Africa, where the issue of going away to college didn't come up, and most of the Europeans and Lebanese I knew went back to their parents' country after high school, while the Africans had stopped after middle school anyway and gone off and been married whether they liked it or not, I thought.