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Posted By: Roger the zimmer
23-Aug-99 - 11:34 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat Pub - Round 8
Subject: RE: Mudcat Pub - Round 8
...isn't it strange, most regulars don't come in till I've gone back to the Center. Is it the personal hygiene, the jokes, the kazoo playing or the singing?
Well you don't know what you're missing. Me, Elvis, Invisible Eddie and Hiroshi have just formed a self-kelp group. We've been flailing each other with wet seaweed while singing:Freight Train.
Before they ran out the others said something about cutting their throats (this was right after my solo) so perhaps we are a barber shop quartet
Damn, what's that painted crow done on my head?
Who phoned the Center,? I'm not ready to go back yet. It's stone soup tonight, I always get the lumpy bits....[voice trails off into the distance, possums, roaches and regulars look carefully round the door and then come in...