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Posted By: harvey andrews
18-Dec-03 - 10:20 AM
Thread Name: BS: Huntley Guilty
Subject: RE: BS: Huntley Guilty
or maybe the manpower will be allocated to the new speed cameras and their fines, set to treble by 2004. The treasury has made five and a half million pounds from this so far. One in five of the driving population criminalised. I think this is important in this case as it's all about the allocation of manpower and it has just been stated on the news that the depts dealing with the vetting of people like Huntley are undermanned.
If one thing comes out of this terrible case it has to be the need to get policemen back to policing the areas the people demand.
This is in no way to condone speeding drivers by the way. I repeat, it's all about the use of the police force in our society. Catching motorists is a piece of cake and it pays good money so it gets the resources. Catching Huntleys doesn't seem to have the same priority with the government and the police force as it does with the citizens of Britain.